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The Open Internet and The Freedom to Innovate


I spent the last two days in meetings with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and his staff, discussing their proposed Open Internet rules (aka net neutrality). Monday’s meeting was with a group of NYC VCs, and Tuesday’s meeting was with group of NYC startup CEOs and GCs.

Coming out of these…

This is critically important. You have 36 Hours to tell the FCC to reclassify the transmission component of broadband internet service as a Title II telecommunications service - the only way to ensure that the Commission has strong, defensible authority to enforce net neutrality rules against blocking, discrimination, and other negative behavior by the ISPs. 

Don’t let Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon impose their will on the internet. If you’ve ever used Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Etsy, eBay, Netflix, Amazon, or literally any other service that began as an Internet startup, you have net neutrality to thank for that. 

Go. Now. Make your voice heard. (You can thank net neutrality for the ability to do that, too.)

I can not emphasize how important this is please reblog and make your voice heard everyone.

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I feel so proud when friends tell me their parents like me. Like damn right they do, I am a delight.

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The osculating circle at a point on a moving sine wave. This is the circle that best approximates the curve at the point. [more] [code]


The osculating circle at a point on a moving sine wave. This is the circle that best approximates the curve at the point. [more] [code]

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***Documenting LGBTQ Rights in Belize***

In Belize it is illegal to be gay according to section 53 of the criminal code. Caleb Orozco, activist and director/founder of UniBAM (United Belize Advocacy Movement) has been fighting to change the laws and bring equality to Belize, despite numerous personal sacrifices and risking his personal safety.

Kalhan Foley, Max Belin, and myself are working on a short film where we will interview Caleb, his lawyer, his opponents, and his supporters.

The film aspires to tell his story, and the struggles of the LGBTQ* community in Belize. We’ll be going to Belize on July 19th and will begin post-production immediately upon returning, hopefully turning the project into a longer term full length film. We’re three kids with low funds but a huge desire to tell this story. If you can in anyway help this project become a reality we would really appreciate it.

$5 can go a long way in ensuring our safety on the ground while shooting, help us afford flights, fees and other expenses that projects of this scope inevitably experience. Helps us tell Caleb’s story! Click on the link and give a donation if you can, as soon as you can. Feel free to share, like, reblog, and retweet the page with as many people as you wish to! Thanks everyone!


Favorite moments of Ellen hosting the 86th Annual Academy Awards

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When you are 9, or 12, or 17, it is easy to overlook racist comments. That your friends’ dad does not like black people has little to do with what your friend thinks, right? When you cannot yet vote, the fact that your friends’ parents are Republicans means little. With age, these things start to matter. At 25 or 32, it is harder to overlook the inevitable racially ignorant comment that will come, especially when you have had access to friendships where this is never an issue. At 30 or 35, the fact that your white friends now vote Republican alongside their parents strikes you as a choice that detrimentally impacts your material existence.

The politics of being friends with white people

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